Bathroom Remodeling Services Your Handymen Should Be Ready To Tackle

The bathroom is an important part of every house but isn’t immune to the eventual wear and tear. When your clients’ bathrooms show signs that...

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The bathroom is an important part of every house but isn’t immune to the eventual wear and tear. When your clients’ bathrooms show signs that it’s time to remodel, make sure your handymen are prepared. Here are some bathroom remodeling services that your handymen should be ready for and tips on how to approach them:

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Replace the Floors and Tiles

Replacing the floors and tiles is one of the more obvious bathroom remodeling services your handymen tackle. Mold, grout, and stains build up on tiles over time and even cause sickness in severe unchecked cases. Luckily, this issue has a simple fix and is doable in the span of an afternoon. Once your client gives the green light on new tiling, your handymen can start replacing the bathroom floor. Make sure they keep these tips in mind when they whip out the tool kit:

  • Whether or not a client keeps the existing fixtures or orders a new set, make sure your handymen remove the bathroom fixtures before uprooting any ruined tile. This prevents the fixtures from getting damaged and gives the handymen room to maneuver around the space easily.
  • The ruined and damaged tile must be completely removed before any new tile is laid down. Beginning with the tiles placed where the removed fixtures were offers an easy starting place. For these types of bathroom remodeling services, a pry bar works well for uprooting big chunks and a hammer and chisel are more than enough for smaller pieces.
  • After consulting with your clients about what tile they’d like, your handyman can start to lay down new tile. Different types of bathroom tile require different installation methods and costs may vary as well. Make sure the tile your handymen lay down matches the client’s desired style.

Fix the Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets suggest problems with the plumbing and cause water damage to the entire bathroom when left unchecked. Preventing water damage and replacing faucets and sinks when necessary is one of the most common bathroom remodeling services for handymen. Drips and leaks, squeaky sounds, and rust are some of the signs that the faucets need to be fixed or replaced; here are some tips for when your handymen go to do so:

  • Before tackling any leaky fixtures, make sure your handymen cut off the water supply first and have a towel ready to catch any excess dripping. When it’s time to install a new cartridge, carefully remove the faucet handle. Different kinds of handles need different removal methods, so get new handles approved by the client.
  • A lot of bathroom remodeling services happen when fixtures make noises they aren’t supposed to, and squeaky faucets are included. Have your handymen diagnose whether the faucet squeaks unbidden or when it’s turned with the help of a client, and proceed with the appropriate pliers, screwdrivers, and lubricant.
  • Water is used regularly in the bathroom, so rust build-up is nearly inevitable. There are plenty of homemade remedies for rust and your handymen no doubt have their own solutions. They’ll need to ensure they’re using treatments for the rust that won’t damage the rusted fixture.

Install New Light Fixtures

The bathroom is where we all get ready in the morning, and that proves difficult when the lighting is subpar. Another of the bathroom remodeling services your handymen will be called for is installing new lights. Keep these tips in mind when your handymen go to illuminate the situation in your client’s bathroom:

  • After disconnecting the power and the old fixture from its wiring, your handymen can install a new light fixture. Have them check the measurements for the new light if they aren’t the same as the original, as well as adjust the wiring requirements and mounting situation if necessary.
  • Lighting-related bathroom remodeling services often include checking on the wiring situation. Before checking any wiring, have your technicians turn off the electricity to avoid shock and fire hazards. Ensuring that the switches and outlets are waterproof is paramount to the electrical wiring system and checking that the bathroom wiring circuit doesn’t interfere with any other circuits in the home.
  • If a light flickers in a client’s home your technicians might be the second call after a paranormal expert. If a loose bulb doesn’t cause the flickering, other solutions are to replace the light switch, reduce the humidity by connecting the fan to a switch, or check the fixture for corrosion.

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