Signs of Success in Your Field Service Business When Adopting A New Automation System

Automation systems have proven to have a huge return on investment in the field service industry. In fact, 92% of workers report that implementing technology...

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Automation systems have proven to have a huge return on investment in the field service industry. In fact, 92% of workers report that implementing technology into their workday boosts productivity and employee fulfillment. However, implementing an automation system is a long-term commitment and can feel threatening to your employees. This is why it’s crucial to ensure technicians know your goals for automation and the signs of successful implementation. 

4 Signs of Success When Adopting an Automation System

Decreased Company Costs

Did you know that automation systems can execute the labor of 3-5 people? Field service companies can drastically increase their net profits by automating tedious routine processes as opposed to hiring a new employee. But don’t worry—using automation does not mean people have to lose jobs!  Instead, employees who previously carried out tasks that have been automated can now devote their energies to more nuanced initiatives that technology cannot handle. 

Higher Employee Satisfaction

Companies tend to improve as a whole when employees are assigned to higher-level tasks. Eliminating monotonous work benefits employees psychologically and increases their job satisfaction. Studies have shown that productivity increases when an automation system takes care of redundant tasks and employees take on work that encourages them to think critically. The more challenging the work, the more energy workers will put into coming up with innovative ways to improve your business’ performance.

Consistency in Operations

When a human is given responsibility, there is a chance of error that comes from lack of attention, misreading information, or simply missing data. When business processes are automated, tasks are performed and reviewed the same way every time, removing the risk of human error. By reducing mistakes, field service businesses become more dependable in customers’ eyes.

Increased Safety in the Workplace

Safety is of utmost importance in field service because the work can be dangerous, especially if the job entails on-site labor. In this regard, automation has the potential to protect field service workers from harm. An automation system can perform hazardous on-site work without risking the well-being of technicians. For example, drones can operate autonomously and give technicians a visual of the worksite without them having to enter. They also can provide a bird’s eye view of a location without technicians having to leave the ground.

Automation has the power to lower costs, improve employee experience, create consistency in operations, and make strides toward a safer work environment. Together, these elements contribute to building a more successful workplace. A strong automation program requires field service technicians to continuously monitor the signs of success to ensure maximum efficiency. Because of this, your team will be more valuable than ever, so make sure your technicians know how important they are to this process and although their roles may change, how they can help you succeed in new ways.   

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