Staying Secure This Holiday Season With Affordable Home Security

The holidays are exciting for the family with everyone traveling around to be with their loved ones for the season! However, traveling leaves your client’s...

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The holidays are exciting for the family with everyone traveling around to be with their loved ones for the season! However, traveling leaves your client’s home unprotected from break-ins, and filing a police report isn’t in the holiday spirit.

Gift your client these affordable home security tips to help keep their home secure in the event of a burglary:

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Deadbolt the Doors

Make sure that the people coming in through your client’s front door are the ones they know. The doors are the first line of defense and locks are a great first step to boosting affordable home security. There are many different types of deadbolt locks, so make sure to choose the best fit for your client’s door. Here are a few cost-easy recommendations:

  • Prime-Line SE 15361 Segal Deadbolt – The Prime-Line SE is a top-rated lock with 4.4 stars out of five. This single-cylinder lock is easy to install and made with high-strength bronze allow. It keeps burglars from compromising the lock from the outside. It sells for $57 on Amazon and comes with all the parts for installation already included.
  • Kwikset 660 Single Cylinder Deadbolt – This Kwikset lock is one of the simplest and least expensive options at $15, but reliable and easily installed. The Kwikset is adjustable to all different door types and adds a great extra layer of security with existing locks. The Kwikset’s Re-Key feature is unique, and provides instructions for making a new key if the old one is lost. It comes highly recommended with a 4.6 out of 5-star rating.
  • BRINKS 2718-119 Double Cylinder Deadbolt – A good middle-ground option at $24 that secures the door both from the inside and outside is the BRINKS double cylinder lock. These are handy for breakable windowed or wooden doors since burglars can’t unlock them from the inside. The BRINKS is a heavy-duty lock that fits on all types of doors and prevents tampering from lockpicks, drills, and other types of external damage. It carries a 4.5 out of 5-star rating and is an excellent option for holiday season protection.

Brace the Windows

An often-overlooked part of reliable and affordable home security is making sure the windows are secure. Windows get broken, shattered, and damaged in many ways, so it’s good to have various solutions to choose from:

  • An all-encompassing solution that prevents burglars from getting in even when the window is broken is installing security bars. Yes, like in Harry Potter. These are relatively inexpensive and come in plenty of different sizes and styles to fit your client’s home. Make sure to fit them with easy-to-use release mechanisms so people can get out in case of emergency.
  • If bars on your windows aren’t the solution you’re looking for, try covering your windows with protective film. It’s far less expensive than installing security bars or replacing the windows completely and there are plenty of options to choose from.
  • An inexpensive and easily-installed solution for sash windows is using sash locks. They prevent the window from opening from the outside and there are plenty of attachments that keep the window from opening at all.

Install a Smart Security System

Home security systems may not seem like they’d fit in the category of affordable home security measures, but there are systems that are cost-efficient as well as reliable. Here are some of the most highly-rated and affordable security systems for every home:

  • SimpliSafe – One of the best self-monitoring systems out there is SimpliSafe. They offer monthly payment plans including professional monitoring fees as low as $18, and all their equipment is portable. The system is fully controllable from your client’s phone, and they can arm, disarm, and monitor their security feed from wherever they are.
  • Frontpoint – Frontpoint is one of the better DIY home security systems, meaning that the installation is completely free. Their contracts are extremely flexible and your client can choose between a month-to-month or a yearly plan. Their golden feature is their incredibly accessible customer service, available anytime for any reason.
  • ADT – If the name ADT sounds familiar, it’s because it’s one of the oldest home security companies in America. They have a large selection of home security equipment, and each system is unique and adaptable to what your client’s home needs most. They offer a three-year contract but offer a six-month money-back guarantee, so if your client doesn’t like the system they’ll get a full refund for the services and installation fees.

RazorSync’s field service software will help you manage your team and inventory to ensure that you’re able to provide modernized, high-quality security services efficiently. Contact RazorSync for details, or try it free for 14 days.

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