How to Develop an Adaptive Leadership Approach for Your Field Service in 2022

What is adaptive leadership? According to Cambridge Leadership Associates, an adaptive leadership framework is a practical approach to helping individuals and organizations adapt to change...

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What is adaptive leadership? According to Cambridge Leadership Associates, an adaptive leadership framework is a practical approach to helping individuals and organizations adapt to change and succeed in challenging environments. For your field service business to experience long-term success, assuming an adaptive leadership mindset is vital.

Strategies for developing an adaptive leadership approach in 2022

Assess adaptability during the hiring process

Whether a team member is providing customer support, diagnosing an error, or issuing onsite repair and maintenance, adaptability among field service workers is crucial to overcoming unexpected challenges onsite. Having workers who can remain agile, approach the situation in another way, and come up with an effective solution quickly can help set a field service company apart from the competition. To implement adaptive leadership in your field service company, start with the interview process. Asking about obstacles they’ve encountered during their career when working on a project is one great way to measure flexibility. Questions regarding open-mindedness to new situations or how a candidate reacts when asked to complete an unfamiliar task are also helpful.

Take risks and embrace uncertainty

Taking risks and being open-minded to approaching problems in different ways can lead to great results in your field service business. To decide which business risks are worthwhile, you need to know your industry’s trajectory. Through resources like blogs, books, and podcasts, your business can stay informed about the outlook for your market sector. For example, the RazorSync blog recently featured this post about three emerging technology trends IT technicians should know. Pick your favorite form of media, and you’ll look forward to keeping up with your industry. 

The best field service companies stand out from the rest by being knowledgeable and able to inform clients. Field service workers are often expected to answer questions and solve problems on the spot, so staying well-informed is critical. When equipped with the right information, they can embrace that uncertainty in the field and use adaptive skills to remain agile in challenging situations. 

Involve lower-level employees in decisions

Field service management can experiment with change by consulting team members when making changes within the company. Not only does this create space for ideas and potential opportunities, but it also encourages workers and makes them feel valued, which boosts their motivation. In addition, a team that is empowered to go the extra mile can boost a company’s reputation and help it succeed.

Lead by skill set

Every sub-industry in field service requires extensive training to ensure technicians are equipped with the proper knowledge to effectively and safely execute the job. Adaptive leadership is vital to success in training since not every trainee will respond to the same methods. Understanding what leadership style your technicians respond best to and how they learn will help managers improve team communication. Thus, workers can learn more quickly, and the company can make the most of each worker’s individual talents.

Between new technological developments, remote operations, and more, the field service industry is evolving. Fortunately, these changes offer many opportunities for growth. Adopting an adaptive leadership style will enable you to create a bright, innovative team within your field service business. 

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