5 Ways to Schedule Jobs More Efficiently

As many businesses find themselves with extra time on their hands and fewer appointments than normal, many are taking advantage of this time to revamp...

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As many businesses find themselves with extra time on their hands and fewer appointments than normal, many are taking advantage of this time to revamp their processes. The summer means a busier season for HVAC and landscaping. With more field service work fast approaching, we want to make sure you’re ready by knowing how to schedule jobs more efficiently. 

Five Ways to Schedule Jobs Efficiently 

1. Favor the mornings 

When scheduling jobs, try booking the majority of them in the morning. In the warmer summer months, the temperature is much cooler in the morning before noon. For lawn care jobs, roofing, HVAC and more, your team will benefit from the cooler temperatures. By scheduling jobs in the morning, you also give your team more flexibility in the case of last-minute jobs. If a customer needs an emergency appointment, you’ll be able to more easily schedule the job for the afternoon. Not only will this please your customers, but it will also allow for more jobs to fit in the day, thus increasing your revenue.

2. Schedule in order of proximity 

Save time and money by scheduling jobs in order of proximity. Rather than having your team driving around town and getting slowed down in traffic, optimize your routing. With route optimization features, a field service software like RazorSync can help you schedule jobs more efficiently by locations. And with GPS mapping, you’ll be able to keep up with your team’s location throughout the day.  

3. Set up skills teams 

Make sure you’re leveraging your employees’ top skills by creating teams with workers who have complementary skills. This will foster teamwork among members, and help you schedule jobs efficiently by choosing the team best fit to tackle the job. 

4. Categorize appointments 

As you receive new appointments, categorize them in terms of equipment and services needed. This way, you can schedule your teams for related jobs to reduce the time needed to switch out workers or equipment, thus saving you time and money. 

5. Utilize field service software 

Utilize field service software to support your business processes, including job scheduling. With RazorSync’s leading field service software, our features are designed to simplify your business operations. From jobs scheduling to invoicing and estimating, here are a few ways RazorSync can help you:  

  • Job Scheduling 
  • Customer Management
  • Estimating & Invoicing 
  • On-Site Payment Processing 
  • Service Dispatch 

To learn more about how RazorSync can help your business, contact us and Sign Up for a Free Demo!

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