5 Reasons You Need a Customer Portal

The world is changing. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting rise in technology use, it’s time for businesses to adapt to satisfy consumers’ desires...

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The world is changing. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting rise in technology use, it’s time for businesses to adapt to satisfy consumers’ desires for technology-based interactions. 

Using customer portal software is a simple yet efficient way to decrease workloads for field service technicians and increase customer satisfaction. They can streamline service requests, increase communication and COVID-19 safety, and provide high-value customer service. 

With customer portal software, customer satisfaction is maximized, leading to an increase in revenue and business growth. 

Below are five reasons why it is important to implement a customer service portal.

1. Customer Portals Reduce Service Technician Workload

For decades, businesses have had to spend excessive amounts of time and money on customer service, employee scheduling, and data entry. However, in 2021, there’s an easier way. 

Through customer portal software, companies can simplify the customer experience and reduce technician workload. By creating a place where customers can ask questions, make requests, and pay for services, the amount of work for technicians is significantly decreased.

They no longer have to spend hours sorting through service requests or answering frequently asked questions; instead, they can simply direct customers to their portal software. With decreased workload for service technicians, they can spend more time focusing on the customers’ actual problems, helping more people each day, and staying organized while in the field. 

2. Streamline Field Service Requests

Customer portals can streamline field service requests, benefiting both the client and the business. In one easy-to-use platform, customers can submit service requests, businesses can receive those requests, managers can schedule technicians, and technicians can view jobs on their schedule. 

These simplified systems allow everyone to have visibility on where they are in the process and what still needs to be accomplished—leading to fewer mistakes and less confusion. 

Software like RazorSync allows field service businesses to provide an uncomplicated customer portal while also allowing employees to have an overarching view of service requests, scheduling, and payments. 

3. Enhanced Communication Abilities

Customer portal software provides enhanced communication across the customer and business lifecycle. It simplifies outreach communication for the client and streamlines the responses for businesses. 

By providing customers with the ability to ask questions, get in contact with companies, and submit requests, this software makes it easy for customers to get help when they need it. 

4. Safe and Secure Payment Methods

One of the primary reasons to use customer portal software is that it provides a reliable, safe, secure, and effective way to have customers make payments for services

Not only does it allow customers to make payments without having to share their credit card details with someone, but it allows businesses to organize and keep track of payment records. 

Credit card payments via a customer portal are more secure for the merchant as it allows them to verify the payment in real-time, but they are also more secure for the customers, thanks to PCI compliance laws and the Fair Credit Billing Act. 

5. Increase Customer Satisfaction 

With customer satisfaction proven to be essential to the success of a business, it is crucial to provide an elevated customer experience. In fact, according to a Salesforce study, 57% of consumers will stop buying from or using the services of a business if a competitor provides a better customer service experience.

But how does a company go about providing the best possible customer experience?

Start by implementing an online customer portal. Customer portal software enhances the customer experience by offering a simplified and streamlined approach to customer relationships. With the ease of payment at their fingertips, answers when they need them, and updates on their service requests, portals help maximize customer satisfaction. 

Are you ready to implement game-changing customer portal software for your business? Look no further, as RazorSync provides best-in-class field service technology with an easy-to-use customer portal. Contact one of our pros today to learn about more of our award-winning features and sign up for your free 14-day trial!

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