3 Ways to Score New Lawn Care Business in the Offseason

With over 100,000 lawn care companies in the United States, it’s important for you to set your business apart from the rest. As a lawn...

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With over 100,000 lawn care companies in the United States, it’s important for you to set your business apart from the rest. As a lawn care service provider, one of the biggest challenges you may face is how to invest in your business during the off-season. Just because the weather has gotten a bit colder, doesn’t mean your business needs to shut down or lose revenue! 

With RazorSync’s field service software, your team can streamline your lawn care business operations, improve customer relations, simplify billing and invoicing, and empower your workforce- even during off-season. If you’re looking for winter ways to boost your revenue for your lawn care business, take a look at these 3 tips and tricks. 

1. Diversify Your Business

Now is a good opportunity to diversify your lawn care business! While you may just focus on lawn care solutions in the warmer months, the offseason could be the best time to offer different services. This could mean anything from chopping wood, cleaning gutters, ice maintenance, or even holiday light hanging. 

Depending on your business location, correlate your new services to what your community needs. Try reaching out to your summertime clients and see what they may need help with, or connect with local HOA groups to maintain your wintertime revenue. 

Improve Your Revenue with RazorSync

2. Begin Customer Outreach

Aside from connecting with your regular clients, the offseason can be the perfect time for your lawn care business to take the reins on your marketing efforts. With 59% of people reporting that they feel influenced by digital marketing, it’s important for your team to take advantage of your digital space. 

Take this time to implement a social media marketing strategy, or even connect with current/potential clients via email marketing. With RazorSync’s field service software, you’ll be able to identify and capture client contacts to get this process jump started. Try setting up automated, personalized emails to send updates and reminders to your clients. Let your customers know exactly how your business will function this off-season and how they can get in touch with you! By connecting with your audience digitally, you’ll create long lasting client relationships that are built on trust and consistency. 

3. Update Your Billing Process

One of the best ways to prepare for winter as a lawn care business owner is to think ahead. Stay in the know when It comes down to your profit margins throughout the year with RazorSync’s digital platform. If you had a strong spring and summer season, but expect winter to be slow, run the numbers and set aside some of your extra cash to cover your team when the season changes. Or, if you have year long clients, update how you handle billing cycles. 

Your team may want to try billing customers monthly based on the total number of visits, multiplied by the amount of cash and divided by twelve months, to help keep a constant cash flow. Your clients may even prefer making payments this way as it can lower the total amount needed for each payment. This revenue and billing strategy can ensure you will maintain cash flow year round. This can free up some time for your lawn care business team to tackle your marketing plan, or simply leave your business feeling comfortable until the on-season starts again! 

Ready to find new business for your Lawn Care Business with the industry’s #1-rated business management software? Try RazorSync free for 14 days to get started! For more information, contact one of our pros to learn more.

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