3 Ways to Grow Your HVAC Business This Summer

As the busy season quickly approaches, it’s important for you to know how you can grow your HVAC business this summer. Rather than simply managing...

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As the busy season quickly approaches, it’s important for you to know how you can grow your HVAC business this summer. Rather than simply managing your day-to-day as jobs begin to pile up, we recommend streamlining your services now to save yourself extra time and money in the long-run. 

Here are 3 ways to grow your HVAC business this summer. 

1. Offer Complimentary Services 

Throughout the busy season, grow your HVAC business by offering special and/or complimentary services that lead to more work. For example, you may offer customers a free estimate of their required HVAC services. By offering a personal look at the cost of your prices, your customers will appreciate the transparency. Not only will this improve your business’ reputation, but customers will be more likely to return in the long-run. 

2. Encourage Customer Feedback 

Research shows that more than 93% of users will turn to online reviews before committing to a service or product. In fact, 72% of consumers will only take action once they’ve read a positive review. To grow your HVAC business and its credibility in the market, encourage your customers to provide honest feedback on your services and employees, along with their overall satisfaction. Then, include some of the feedback on your website! This allows customers to see that you have a good track record, solid customer base and are transparent in your work. To ask for feedback, consider sending out a survey to your customers by email, customer portal, or include a submission page on your website. Promote the idea that it only takes a few minutes and offer them a reward for submitting, such as 10% off their next service or even a complimentary service as mentioned above. 

3. Invest in Your Future 

When revenue is at an all-time high in the HVAC summer busy season, make sure you are investing in your long-term success as a company. This can include investing in marketing tactics, new equipment or field service software. As for marketing, invest in a high-functioning website to promote your services. Like reviews, individuals are more inclined to become customers if they see you have a legitimate, professional website. Most importantly, investing in a field service software will not only help grow your HVAC business, but with the right expert features, you can drastically reduce your operational costs. 

RazorSync is one of the leading field service software companies in the industry. Designed to simplify your business, here are ways RazorSync can help grow your HVAC business: 

  • Dispatching & Job Scheduling 
  • Customer Portal 
  • Estimating & Invoicing 
  • On-Site Mobile Processing Payments
  • Record Keeping & Quickbooks Integration

RazorSync allows you to have all facets of your business at your fingertips. With our #1 rated mobile app, you keep your field team connected to the office throughout the entire workday with real-time access via smartphone or tablet. Field service software can grow your business by combining multiple jobs into one, which allows you to focus your spending elsewhere.

Interested? Contact Us now to see how RazorSync can help you grow your HVAC business, or start your free trial today to try us out. 

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