Custom Templates

RazorSync Templates allow you to automate your workflow by pre-defining your services!

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Easily Create Templates of Your Service Packages

Custom Templates

Workflow Management!

Does your workflow follow repeatable predictable steps? Do you need to pre-attach Service Items or Forms based on the step of the project? Perhaps you need to pre-fill notes to the Technician reminding them to perform certain steps.  With RazorSync Custom Templates, managing your workflow is a breeze!

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See all the different type of services your company provides by giving a brief name and description of work being provided. With Templates you’ll easily be able to see how many steps an offering consists of as well as how much you plan to bill the customer.

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Step-By-Step Jobs!

Custom Templates allow you to customize the description for each step in your job processes. You can pre-assign Work Orders to specific technicians in the event that certain stages require specific skills.  Preset Work Orders using your custom statuses and status colors to improve communication between your office and your field techs.  Set Relative Dates and create all of your work orders, each with a set number of days out, so you can understand well in advance whether or not you’ll have resources available.  RazorSync always has your back…If your technicians aren’t available time for the time specified, we’ll still create the job, but will simply set it as “unassigned”.

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Reduce Data Entry!

Custom Templates allow your office staff to select from pre-created summaries ensuring that the consistency you need to be successful takes place in your business without the constant struggle. Simply create your templates, and select from the available types of work.

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Worker Management andGPS Software

GPS tracking, turn-by-turn driving directions, and advanced mapping features will reduce costs and increase the productivity of your field service employees.

RazorSync HelpsCrystal Clear Win Jobs

“With RazorSync I can run the entire operation from the field…a benefit easily worth $120,000 a year in business, $30,000 to $40,000 in profit.”

What does the Future of Field Service Technology Look like?

Business Intelligence, Wearable Smart Devices, and Drones oh my!

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“Don’t know what I would do without RazorSync. All my information is with me in the field or office. Tech support is great, they have answered all my questions big or small. They don’t make you feel the question you ask is dumb or to small. When my day is very hectic and customers are calling I can answer all there questions about their previous history from my phone. That’s when I appreciate RazorSync the most and how well it works.”

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