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Which Smart Device is Better for Your Field Technicians?

Apple vs. Android? Everyone has a preference. But when it comes time to decide which mobile device is better equipped to handle your field service management software, you may feel limited in your options. With RazorSync, the choice is always up to you. You can use Apple or Android and still enjoy all the benefits of a custom field service mobile app that works to empower your field techs and help you manage operations.

RazorSync’s Field Service Management Mobile Features

With RazorSync’s field service management software, your customers’ data and job details seamlessly sync to your techs’ mobile devices, giving them instant access to the following features:

  • Work History: Field techs can arrive to a job site well informed about who the customer is, if the client has worked with your company before, and what sort of repairs were completed prior to the new job.
  • Customer Notes: Field techs have direct access to all communication and notes on the customer and have the ability to update the information, as well. This enables everyone on your team to have the most current data, preventing any inaccuracies that could occur when information is logged in later that day.
  • Job Estimates: Field techs can review an estimate for previous jobs similar to the one a customer is inquiring about. This saves time, empowers your techs to upsell, and ensures accurate billing.
  • Browse Files: Field techs can browse existing documents, contracts, PDFs, photos, videos, and signature captures in service requests and work orders. 
  • Mobile Card Payments­: Technicians in the field can use the shuttle card reader to charge a customer’s credit or debit card after service is complete. This does away with paper bills sent in the mail and avoids delay in receiving payment. 

Schedule a Free live Demo with RazorSync Today

Designed for Android and Apple mobile devices, RazorSync keeps your field techs synced with relevant customer information to help them complete jobs with ease and speed. Contact us at RazorSync and schedule a free live demo with our team, where we’ll show you how our field service management software can save you money, time, and unnecessary paperwork.

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