Optimize Productivity Without Sacrificing Customer Service

Maximum productivity minimizes operational expenses. Excellent customer service means more business. Does your field service have to sacrifice one for the other? If so, which will ultimately increase your bottom line?

In fact, customer service and productivity can be viewed as two sides of the same coin, where improvements in one area will generate positive results in the other. The key is to take a constructive, long-term approach to productivity.

When defining high productivity, avoid an exclusive focus on billing more jobs and lowering expenses. That approach may result in a fast and furious operation—as well as low-quality work, poor customer service, and a stressed and dissatisfied workforce. Rework, customer claims, and loss of reputation will wipe out the benefits of reduced expenses to result in a net loss.

Instead, take a long-term approach to productivity. Focus on establishing clear processes and standards, providing your staff with appropriate technology and training, and improved communication across your entire operation.

Quality will naturally become the hallmark of your service.

As quality rises and expectations are standardized, there will be fewer customer claims and complaints. Customer relations with estimators, technicians, and customer service representatives will improve, resulting in a net improvement in customer service.

The end result of a long-range approach to productivity? Higher quality, business growth, and a net improvement in your bottom line.

RazorSync is field management software for phone, tablet and computer. It automates scheduling, dispatching and invoicing, and empowers your customers with a self-service portal. To learn more about this powerful aid to productivity, sign up for a live demonstration or call us toll-free at 1-877-675-4395.

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