Mobile Software: a Business Requirement, Not an Option

There was a time when your customers would be resigned to sitting at home for hours, hoping your service would arrive within the scheduled window. You would be at the office, hoping your field staff was on task and on time.

No more! If your field service business is going to satisfy today’s customer’s expectation of real-time communication, you need to see where your crews are and keep customers updated on arrival times. You need to manage your business from where ever you are.

There was a time you or your bookkeeper spent an hour or two sorting the stack of paper coming in with the trucks at the end of the day.

No more! With the right field management software, invoices created on the job site will automatically update customer records in your accounting software.

Remember the hours your drivers spent finding addresses in spiral bound map books? Save those hours and cut travel time, providing your staff with customer notes, driving directions and GPS map views for every job.

If you are going to maximize profits and provide the service today’s customers expect, you need to automate scheduling, invoicing and recordkeeping, cut travel costs and manage your staff from where ever you are.

There are a number of field management systems on the market, and it is important to do your research before buying.

Our mobile field management, RazorSync, for phone, tablet and computer, is designed to streamline the small- to mid-sized service business operation.  Customer case studies tell us is powerful, simple and economical when compared to other apps. We encourage you to sign up for a live demonstration or free trial.

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