Five Tips for Lawn Care Field Service Scheduling

Despite the realities of COVID-19 and self-isolation, warm weather is quickly facilitating a demand for landscaping jobs. During this time of uncertainty and financial struggles, many companies, including lawncare field services, have reduced employees, hours and operations. To make jobs easier, RazorSync is here to help. Here are five tips from us at RazorSync for lawn care field service scheduling. 

1. Invest in field service software to make sure everyone is connected. 

Like many companies, lawn care field services have both an office and field team. RazorSync combines both of these operations into one easy to use software platform where you can manage all your everyday activities, like invoice management, billing and scheduling, just to name a few.

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2. If your customer’s appointment was scheduled far in advance, send out confirmation emails or texts. 

Many customers like to schedule appointments far in advance, especially when it comes to lawn care field services. To help both your team and your customers, set up a system to confirm appointments before you get there. Not only will this help with efficiency, but it will also reduce money lost from wasted time if appointments need to be rescheduled. 


3. Schedule jobs in order of proximity. 

When it comes to assigning jobs, be more efficient by scheduling lawn care field services to workers in order of proximity. This will save your team gas money and travel time, and allow them to fit more jobs into the day. RazorSync allows you to easily schedule field services, so you can have everything in one place. 


4. Make sure your customer has a payment option on file to eliminate hands-on contact. 

As a result of social distancing guidelines, many are wary of coming into contact with other people unless absolutely necessary. To eliminate stress and worry, make sure your customer has a payment plan on file so your techs can avoid in-person contact with them. 

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5. Confirm your team has the necessary equipment for the job. 

Check-in with your field service employees and make sure they have the equipment for each appointment before they start the day. If one job calls for specific equipment, consider scheduling them on a day with other jobs requiring similar equipment. 


These are great ways to save you, your employees and your customers valuable time and money. Many of these lawn care field service tips can be directly applied to using RazorSync’s award-winning field service software. At RazorSync, we guarantee that our affordable, all-in-one platform will streamline your business. 


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