Retain Business With These HVAC Customer Service Tips

Word of mouth, online reviews, and professional referrals—what others have to say about your HVAC company and customer service will significantly impact your business’s reputation...

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Retain Business With These HVAC Customer Service Tips

Word of mouth, online reviews, and professional referrals—what others have to say about your HVAC company and customer service will significantly impact your business’s reputation and the number of incoming job requests you receive.

So, what makes HVAC customers happy? Here are three essential tips that may help you retain more business and earn new leads!

1) En Route and On Schedule

The Scenario:  There’s nothing more frustrating for customers than taking time off from work to stay home for a service repair, only to have to wait around all day for a “no show” or a tech to arrive late. 

The Solution: RazorSync’s field service management app allows your customers to stay connected to your HVAC techs from any smart device. By logging into their individual customer portals, your customers will get up-to-the minute status updates on the progress of their repairs. They’ll receive text alerts when a project is completed or requires rescheduling, should their repairs require a special part or additional labor. Rather than wait around, your customers can take back control of their day and feel reassured that your team is on the job!

2) Informed & Ready for Work 

The Scenario: Your HVAC business is there to support customers when there’s an issue. This means your clients aren’t always in the best of moods when your techs arrive. A broken furnace during winter, a malfunctioning air conditioner in mid July, or the discovery of shotty ductwork in a new home are all frustrating issues your customers don’t want to deal with. However, these are also situations that provide the perfect opportunity for your techs to sweep in and save the day! 

The Solution: With RazorSync, your techs receive their daily schedules with access to incoming work orders, allowing them to familiarize themselves with each service request, including what repair is needed, how long the job is estimated to take, and whether or not the repair is a recurring issue that may require further inspection. 

Having this knowledge ahead of time will benefit your customers, as well. For example, rather than having to explain the issue again and again, your customers can sit back and relax, knowing your tech is aware and ready to take action and troubleshoot the issue immediately. 

3) Ongoing Communication & Feedback

The Scenario: With techs traveling back and forth from different locations all day, it’s difficult to manage their customer interactions and ensure they’re representing your HVAC company in the most professional manner. The other side of the spectrum is it’s also challenging to know when one of your techs is doing an exceptional job, so you can encourage and reward that type of behavior. 

The Solution: In addition to providing your customers with their own online portals to request services and check the status of a job, RazorSync also offers a convenient space for customers to leave feedback after a particular service. This helps you stay connected to your customers and techs in the field and ensure every job is completed with the highest quality possible.

Improve HVAC Customer Service with RazorSync

Learn how to get started with RazorSync’s field service management app by requesting a free live demo today! We’ll walk you through how to customize our advanced features to fit your HVAC company’s needs and keep you connected to your team and customers, round the clock! For questions or pricing options, contact us today! 

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