Service Software for Government & Municipal Services

Streamline Field Workforce Management & Payment Processes

Schedule and dispatch in real time from your mobile or tablet. Send job site photos to the permanent customer record with a click. Automatically update customer accounts in QuickBooks.

RazorSync mobile and desktop software provide the agility your municipal service desk or government agency needs to reach peak efficiency and provide the public with the best service. This solution is perfect for maintenance departments, health and safety inspectors, security agencies and other public sector organizations.

RazorSync’s maintenance dispatch software allows you to view field crews and work sites on a map, then drag and drop the nearest crew to the job. Need to re-schedule an inspection? RazorSync will notify your inspector and the building manager by text or email. Have a cancellation? Dispatch the crew to a job created with an open date. Reductions in travel time and down time will raise your department’s productivity and improve key performance indicators.

Worksite records can be accessed and updated from a tablet or mobile phone by road and park maintenance crews, inspectors, and service managers. Field staff can attach photos, videos, and signatures to inspection records and field reports. Those records will be invaluable when responding to concerns from citizens and the press, or when preparing publications. Track payroll by the job, identifying opportunities to improve efficiency and accurately assign costs to projects.

If your department or agency is responsible for road maintenance, waste removal, park maintenance, city building maintenance, building and safety inspections, or any other public sector field service, you need to consider this solution for scheduling, record-keeping, and dispatch.

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Scheduling & Service Management Software for Government & Municipal Services

Powerful features to grow your business:

Track customer information and service history easily with RazorSync’s customer relationship management (CRM) features.
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Save time and money, improve response times and customer satisfaction as you manage your field service team in real time.
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GPS tracking, turn-by-turn driving directions and advanced mapping features will reduce costs and increase the productivity.
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Increase productivity and efficiency, reduce errors, and shorten the billing cycle to improve cash flow and eliminate paperwork.
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RazorSync will save you money.

Schedule jobs, manage workers, update records, process payments and more.