Commercial Property Management Software

Manage Your Mobile Workforce; Improve Recordkeeping

Fulfill More Jobs with Lower Payroll & Higher Customer Satisfaction

To be profitable, your commercial property maintenance business needs to have accurate customer records at hand for contractors and inspectors. You need the ability to adjust schedules and dispatch in response to emergencies. You need to control payroll and travel expenses.

RazorSync field service software will help you achieve those goals and more. An extremely powerful yet easy-to-use web-based application, it connects field workers and office from start to finish.

Speed your payment cycle with job site invoicing, attaching photos, video, and customer signatures to branded invoices. Access customer records from the field to verify history and permits. Create new entries that automatically update your Quickbooks accounts, reducing back-office entry and errors.

Need to shift a maintenance crew from painting to water-damage cleanup? View client facilities and your field workers on a map, then schedule and dispatch the nearest workers to the emergency, minimizing travel time and payroll. Fill scheduling gaps with low-priority jobs, billing more jobs in fewer hours. Track workers in the field; track payroll by jobs; update inventory from field records—you will be amazed at the power of this simple application for mobile phone, tablet, and office computer.

Learn how RazorSync software can increase profitability for your commercial property maintenance business. Schedule a Live Demo and start your Free Trial today!

Commercial Property Management Software

Powerful features to grow your business:

Track customer information and service history easily with RazorSync’s customer relationship management (CRM) features.
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Save time and money, improve response times and customer satisfaction as you manage your field service team in real time.
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GPS tracking, turn-by-turn driving directions and advanced mapping features will reduce costs and increase the productivity.
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Increase productivity and efficiency, reduce errors, and shorten the billing cycle to improve cash flow and eliminate paperwork.
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RazorSync will save you money.

Schedule jobs, manage workers, update records, process payments and more.