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Upstate Home Medic Streamlined Invoicing and Improved Accountability

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“RazorSync is by far the best money I spend each month. It saves me at least $10,000 a year and makes our company more professional.” – Owner Al Pettit

Contractor improves productivity and customer relations with RazorSync.

upstate home medic logo breathing new life into your HomeUpstate Home Medic provides home repair and renovation services to Upstate New York. The company, committed to doing each job right the first time, grew from one man to seven techs in its first ten years.


Owner Al Pettit was spending too many hours on administrative tasks, time that he wanted to spend with his family. Field staff needed to be more focused while on the job. Areas for improvement included the following:

  • Complex construction invoicing required hours each day.
  • Techs needed field access to customer records.
  • Absentee property owners needed progress reports.
  • Employees needed the motivation to finish jobs on schedule.
  • Paper records were inefficient and disorganized.

Al realized his employees were going to be looking at their phones while on the job – he decided to capitalize on that by using the phones to keep them connected to the office.

He considered developing an invoicing tool specifically for renovation contractors but decided first to research available apps. He found RazorSync, which would, at a low cost, automate invoicing and provide a variety of other benefits.

RazorSync Delivers

After becoming comfortable with the invoicing feature, Al reorganized his entire operation to take advantage of the app’s other features. He took the time to write a 20-page in-house manual to be sure his workers would all be on board. Below are his comments on the results:

Job-site invoicing saves hours
“I take a call, get customer information, set an appointment, do the job and, as I walk out the door, produce an invoice – such a timesaver!”

Info improves performance
“Field techs do a better job now that everything is documented. They see tomorrow’s schedule and push harder to finish today’s jobs.”

Texts keep jobs on track
“With texting, I hear about and resolve problems sooner. ”

Photos improve customer updates
“Every day, my tech takes a picture before and after the work is done. Customers know exactly what progress we have made.”

Digital records are awesome!
“No more Post-It Notes, pads of paper or lost work requests! The amount of information at your fingertips is awesome!”

Business Impact

  • RazorSync ROI: $10,000 a year
  • More jobs with the same payroll
  • Administrative efficiency
  • Improved accountability
  • Photo verification of work
  • No lost paper notes
  • Instant information sharing

Customer Service – Priceless!

Al says of RazorSync’s customer service, “It’s a great team and they always care and pick up the phone. That is priceless in today’s over-promise and under delivering culture. When I point our something that could be better, they thank me! And chances are it will be improved in the next release. I really feel like I am working with them!”

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