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RazorSync Makes it Easy for Screenmobile Franchisees

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RazorSync makes it so easy. We now purchase tablets for every new franchisee.”
– Stephanie Andrade, System Support Coordinator

casestudy-logo-screenmobileCo-founded in 1980 by Monty M. Walker and sons Monty L. Walker and Scott Walker, Screenmobile provides on-site screen repair and installation services. From the company’s earliest days, when their sole mobile unit was a converted camping trailer, the partners planned for growth. Solid business practices, honesty, and integrity paid off and that vision became a reality. Screenmobile, the first and largest mobile screening company, now directs roughly one hundred independent operators across the nation.

The field management system used by the corporate operation and franchisees was obsolete and inefficient. Evaluating possible replacements would require a major corporate effort, and operators would have to be persuaded to invest significant time in setup and training.

Selection process
The company embarked on a rigorous, months-long selection process. A committee of five first developed a detailed requirements list of more than 100 features including pricing, mobile access, QuickBooks compatibility, training, support, and usability. After considering 75 systems, the committee identified five for further review and extensive trials. In a letter introducing RazorSync to franchisees, Monty Walker stated the committee had found “one operating system that far exceeded the rest.”

Monty worked closely with RazorSync Vice President Chris Rywelski to customize the application to Screenmobile’s operation. Stephanie Andrade, Screenmobile System Support Coordinator, was chosen to spearhead implementation and training. She participated in RazorSync University’s basic and customized training and worked with RazorSync support to create templates and custom forms. She then trained corporate employees, including office staff and six field units. Today, as the in-house RazorSync advocate and resource, Stephanie provides franchisees and employees with ongoing training and support.

Encouraging adoption
All new operators participate in two weeks of onboarding, a day of which is devoted to RazorSync training. To facilitate setup, Screenmobile provides the franchisees with field tablets. Stephanie also encourages existing operators to adopt RazorSync. She explains how invaluable features including QuickBooks integration and card-swipe mobile payments will be, telling operators, “You will save hours of entry every day by eliminating paper work orders and invoices.”

Even though the company introduced RazorSync in the heat of the industry’s busiest season, ten existing operators made the switch within the first month. Stephanie and Monty L. anticipate much more coming on board during the fall and winter lull. “RazorSync is much cheaper than our previous system, by at least half,” Monty L. notes, “and training and customer service are good.” When discussing adoption, he explains, “Our style is to let the systems dictate what is most popular. The operators will either rally around another or run to RazorSync. We think they will run to it.”

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