Overhead Door Webster Case Study

Overhead Door Webster County Sees a 60% Increase in Productivity with RazorSync

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“RazorSync is very affordable for the huge benefits you receive. We’ve seen a 60% improvement in productivity in the field and new levels of organization in the office.”
— Leanna Osborne

Overhead Door Uses RazorSync to Increase Team’s Efficiency

casestudy-logo-overhead-door-ottumwaOverhead Door of Webster County, Iowa provides garage door installation and repair services to residential and commercial clients. The team was using a multitude of fragmented strategies to communicate and run the business. Not only was this difficult, but it was inefficient and kept staff from reaching their true potential.

Leanna Osborne, vice president of this location, knew her crew of five office workers and four field technicians could work more productively. She just had to find the right field service management solution that fit her team’s workflow.


Leanna noticed some fundamental operational tasks were taking too much time. Mainly, her scheduling staff was consistently having trouble reaching technicians in the field. Hours were lost in the office, time was wasted on unnecessary travel, and fast-response opportunities were missed. Leanna wanted a solution that could put her team on the right track by doing the following:

Schedule service more effectively. Track technicians remotely and schedule new requests more quickly based on current location.

Send work orders without calling technicians. Her dispatchers needed to communicate with workers automatically to avoid unanswered calls and voicemails.

Eliminate the hassle of paperwork. Files of paperwork were messy and easily misplaced. Customer records needed to be digitized.

How RazorSync Improved Efficiencies

“There was some work involved switching to RazorSync,” Leanna admitted, “but change is often hard. After in-house training sessions and assistance from the RazorSync support team, the rest of the Overhead Door staff came around and thought RazorSync was slick.”

Office and field productivity soared. “We can dispatch geographically, which means we can eliminate backtracking and make workers more time efficient,” Leanna explained. “Our staff can enter the needed information and send it off to the technician. This has increased the productivity of our office staff 100%!”

Faster and better customer service. With RazorSync, Overhead Door is able to give customers a better time window for service. “Everyone cares about timing,” Leanna said. “We are now able to coordinate with our customers for more precise arrival times.” Customers appreciate the accuracy and response speed.

Less paperwork, more organization. RazorSync helped tame a mess of paperwork. It reduced the amount of printed documents in the office, simultaneously easing filing frustrations. And, because everything is digital and in one location, it has kept customer information and work order history more organized.

Why do you use RazorSync?

“Now, our technicians can access all customer information right from their tablets. We’ve seen a 60% improvement in productivity in the field and new levels of organization in the office.”

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