Gulf Coast Security Case Study

Gulf Coast Security streamlines operations with RazorSync.

In its 25th year of operation, Gulf Coast Security Services, Inc., electronic security, fire detection, video surveillance, access control, and facility communication network systems to homes and businesses. The company serves a 12-county region including greater Houston and provides limited services throughout Texas. Their goal is to design the best system for each specific application, meeting customer requirements at the lowest possible cost.


Scott Gahn purchased the company in 2012. He and manager Don Booker recognized that the company needed a scheduling and customer management system that would increase efficiency and records management. Issues included:

Invoicing and estimating was slow and inaccurate.

Dependence on a paper-and-fax process for creating estimates and invoices was slow and resulted in errors. Lost tickets translated into lost revenue.

Managers couldn’t see schedules from the field.

Technicians needed to track services performed and store pictures as proof of completed work.

Details got lost in the cracks.

The lack of detail in customer records made it difficult to resolve issues after the fact.

RazorSync offered everything Gulf Coast Security was looking for.

Don signed up for a free trial with RazorSync. After trying it out, he knew it offered everything Gulf Coast Security was looking for.

Product specs and prices are available in the field.

Now, rather than going back to the office to complete an estimate, a technician or estimator can show a customer the price and specs for a feature and create a quote at the job site.

Transparent, real-time scheduling keeps everyone informed.

With RazorSync, whether he is in the field or office, Scott can see where everyone is and schedule service calls. Updates are automatically texted or emailed to customers and technicians, saving phone time and improving flexibility.

Notes feature improves communication and recordkeeping.

“The best thing about RazorSync is Notes,” said Manager Don Booker. Don and his crew enter notes into customer records from the job site and office, eliminating later confusion and disputes.

What do you say about RazorSync?

“We were a leaky bucket. RazorSync tightened everything up, including the way the guys operate,” said Owner Scott Gahn. “It gives me the tools to see what is going on in the schedule and if the bookkeeping lines up with the service work.”

“RazorSync has been transformational. I never would have been able to turn this business around without it.”

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