Glacier Heating and Air Conditioning Pumps Profits with RazorSync

logo glacier heating and air conditioningGlacier Heating and Air Conditioning provides commercial and residential HVAC service 24/7 to St. Augustine, Florida, customers. Recognizing that system breakdowns don’t respect business hours, the company never charges overtime rates.

Goals: Eliminate the Paper and Expand Availability

As Glacier Heating and Air Conditioning grew to include six field technicians, office manager Shayna Stanford found dispatching from a paper scheduling book increasingly challenging. Ready to take scheduling and dispatching paperless, and wanting to extend the hours during which field techs and customers could contact the HVAC business for support, she went online in search of a mobile field management app. RazorSync, with all the features she was looking for and outstanding customer reviews, was her choice. Her evaluation after using it for nearly a year? “It’s doing great!”

Scheduling App Saves Time, Miles and Customers

The scheduling feature streamlined the process, saving the company an estimated 15 hours a week in office time, and meant Shayna could handle the day’s end calls from home. No more late nights. And Shayna commented on numerous other benefits of going mobile with RazorSync:

Shayna can see what is going on in the schedule and manage parts and alerts accordingly.

  • Better availability allows the company to provide better customer service.
  • Field staff can pull up maps and customer records without calling the office.
  • The job-tracking map lets techs easily navigate St. Augustine’s notoriously confusing streets -previously it was common for a new employee to drive across town after confusing an address.
  • On-boarding employees is quick and easy – all have been using the app since day one of the free trial, and no one has had questions since the first week.
  • Hourly technicians clock in and out on the app, simplifying payroll.

“I have been happy with RazorSync since the first day of the trial. Whenever I have a question, someone is right there to help.”


Download RazorSync

RazorSync software is a powerful yet easy-to-use desktop and mobile app that streamlines the business operations of a company in the field service industry. Download for free from the AppStore or PlayStore.