Dembois Landscaping Case Study

Dembois Landscaping Saves Time with RazorSync

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“Our technicians attach photos and signatures to customer records on every job. This is the #1 reason I like RazorSync.”
—Johnny Kincaid

Dembois Landscape Consolidates Operations, Saving Time and Improving Organization

dembois landscape management logoDembois Landscape Management is a full-service landscape maintenance company serving Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Services include weekly landscape maintenance, one-time clean ups, lawn care, debris removal, and tree and shrub trimming. The company has three goals: providing high-quality landscape-maintenance services at affordable prices, keeping customers informed about all aspects of their landscapes, and providing services not otherwise available.


Owner Johnny Kincaid realized an investment in mobile scheduling and records management software could ultimately pay off. He was looking for a cost-effective solution that would improve efficiency and communication. He also realized the transition could be difficult, so looked for an easy-to-use app with good customer support.

Consolidation of functions. Before adopting RazorSync, the company used a variety of tools and services to handle file sharing, records management, scheduling, calendaring, customer email updates, and internal communications. Johnny was looking for an end-to-end solution that would consolidate those and other functions.

Real ROI. The various tools that would be replaced by RazorSync involved little to no cost each. The replacement would have to be reasonably priced in order to show time savings and organizational advantages resulting in a solid return on the investment.

Attaching photos and signatures. Dembois Landscape technicians take pictures of the property after every landscape maintenance service. Photos are saved in their database, reviewed after the work day by office staff, and in some cases, sent to the property owner. This allows the company to keep an accurate record of progress on each job, inform customers of any issues, and ensure accountability of service crews. It was important that the solution accommodates photos.

Easy transition. Adopting a new software solution always involves some setup time and a learning curve. It was important any time spent in the transition would pay off in later savings.

RazorSync Delivers Savings

RazorSync has been a success at Dembois Landscape. According to Johnny, however, it was easy for his staff to make the switch to RazorSync.

Attaching photos is #1! RazorSync makes it easy to attach photos and signatures to estimates, invoices, and customer records. Dembois Landscape crews use this feature at every job, documenting progress, verifying the condition of the property, and showing accountability for their work. Integrating this feature into an all-in-one app has provided a big advantage. According to Johnny, “This is the best feature, and probably the #1 reason I like RazorSync.”

Integrating functions into one app saves administrative time. Previously the company used a combination of four or five applications to share files, email customers, schedule work and track employees. According to Johnny, “RazorSync bundles functions that used to require four or five different apps. That saves me about an hour of office time each day. And, by keeping everything in one place, it makes it easier and faster to find information. “

Why do you use RazorSync?

“We all like this app better than the others we were using. It’s more convenient and easy to use. We are still learning, but it is very understandable,” says owner Johnny Kincaid. “Attaching photos is the best feature, the #1 reason I like RazorSync. Our employees use it at every job.”

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