RazorSync Helps Crystal Clear Win Jobs

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With RazorSync I can run the entire operation from the field…a benefit easily worth $120,000 a year in business, $30,000 to $40,000 in profit.”

 – President and Co-owner Josh Stanley

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Water Purification, Well-Drilling and Irrigation Service Presents High-Value Image with RazorSync

Crystal Clear Water & Well Systems provides southeast Florida with water-purification, water-softener, well and irrigation systems. The family-owned company is a dealer for Safeway Water.

Crystal Clear is committed to providing affordable, high-quality products, the best warranty in the industry, and exceptional customer service.


President and co-owner Josh Stanley needed a solution to help him manage the company from the field and project a sophisticated corporate image.

Professional image wins bids

“We win jobs because of RazorSync. Beginning with scheduling an appointment, we use it for every communication. It presents an image of competence and professionalism,” said Josh. He continued, “This week a customer told me my bid was $800 higher than another, but he knew from our communications that we would be there to resolve any issues quickly. I give RazorSync full credit for getting that job.”

Real-time communication saves hours

A customer receives a text the day before an appointment, another when the technician is en route and is likely to be waiting at the door when the truck arrives. An invoice is emailed before the truck leaves the site and the driver processes a card payment on the spot. Click-to-call saves dialing. At each point, RazorSync saves minutes that add up to revenue-generating hours.

Field management translates to profits

Crystal Clear has eight trucks on the road and does $800,000 business annually, yet Josh uses RazorSync to run the entire operation from the field. “I have no office employee expense. My entire payroll goes to revenue-producing field staff.  I keep one more truck on the road that way, a benefit easily worth $120,000 a year in business, $30,000 to $40,000 in profit.”

Digital invoicing improves payments

Paperless invoicing nearly eliminates slow and default accounts. Crystal Clear will turn down a job if the customer insists on paper billing. The company also uses RazorSync to create work orders, manage customer records, create reminders, schedule recurring maintenance, and sync records to QuickBooks.

The RazorSync edge

Josh conducted extensive research on field management solutions before adopting the software. RazorSync offered the features he needed and the best price point and customer service. He appreciates RazorSync’s ongoing upgrades and a steady stream of new features.

“I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t use RazorSync forever,” Josh states. “Any business out in the field – plumbing, electrical or another – should use some program like this. I’ve recommended it to four or five people so far.”

Download RazorSync

RazorSync software is a powerful yet easy-to-use desktop and mobile app that streamlines the business operations of a company in the field service industry. Download for free from the AppStore or PlayStore.