How to Increase Satisfaction with a Customer Portal

When relying heavily on loyal customers, it’s incredibly important for small businesses to maintain strong customer satisfaction. And the monetary impact is enormous, as almost 65% of a small business’ revenue comes from returning customers. As a field service company, one of the best ways you can strengthen customer relations and satisfaction is by maintaining clear, open communication with a customer portal. 

With a customer portal, you give customers the ability to self-serve your offered products and services. Customers can view account updates, pay invoices, manage service requests, check on job progress, request a service and schedule work contact-free at their own convenience. Giving your customers this freedom will not only save them time associated with hold and wait times, but you’re better able to save operational costs. In fact, just a 2% increase in customer satisfaction has been shown to lower OpEx costs by 10%. Here are a few other ways a customer portal can increase customer satisfaction:  

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction with a Customer Portal

1. Incorporating Customer Self-Service 

With a customer portal, your customers will have access to and control over their end of the bargain. Being able to handle everything from requesting service, scheduling jobs, paying bills or viewing job details, you give customers a larger level of transparency–making sure you’re always on the same page. Customers are able to get the answers they need, preventing any chances of miscommunication or frustration between the two parties. Plus, as customers become more self-sufficient, you’ll reduce costs with customer service representatives. 

2. More Transparency & Control 

Increasing customer satisfaction starts with increasing transparency and control. By allowing customers to have real-time access to their account, they can independently make smarter decisions. Trusting your customers lends to higher retention rates. As people begin to feel more in control of services and payments, they’ll view your company as both credible and reliable. With increased customer satisfaction, you’re more likely to score returning and referred customers moving forward, ensuring your long term success as a small business.  

3. Feedback Option

One of the most important things to have as a growing company is honest customer feedback. Once a job is completed, a portal will allow customers to leave feedback or comments for you and your field service techs. This could include anything from how you could improve your services, to commenting on a standout employee, and more. Research shows that more than 90% of customers will read online reviews before making a purchase. As positive feedback starts rolling in, you can feature testimonials on your website to improve your company’s reputation. 


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