Qualities of a taxi dispatch system

How Does Taxi Dispatch Work?

Running a taxi service while acting as its lead dispatcher is both time consuming and costly. But what are your other options? Hiring another employee to help manage your team’s schedules and route navigation, for example, could cost you up to $31,000 a year. Let’s not forget that finding the best candidate for this type of role takes even more time, which may cost you future jobs and affect your customer loyalty.

Instead, why not consider adding mobile dispatch software to your business operations?

What is a Taxi Dispatch System?

A taxi dispatch system is a software solution that seamlessly connects incoming requests to your drivers. By incorporating a dispatch solution to your company’s operations, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Ease & Convenience: Customers can seamlessly book one of your taxi cabs through their smartphones’ app for pick up, drop off, and long-distance travel.
  • Accuracy & Accountability: Taxi dispatch systems also help you manage customer data and monthly paperwork for payroll, taxes, and other expenses related to your business.   

How Does a Taxi Dispatch System Work?

Once a taxi dispatch system is integrated into your company’s operations, your customers will have access to their own portals, where they can request pick-ups, schedule rides, and pay fare instantly. Your drivers will also enjoy the ease of communication and up-to-the-minute dispatch information that they’ll need to pick up their next customers and drop them off safely to their new destinations.

What Qualities to Look for in a Taxi Dispatch System

To enhance the unique features of your taxi dispatch system, Medium.com suggests your software include the following advanced capabilities:

Driver Support

If your drivers take a lunch break, are stuck in traffic, or clock out for the evening, your taxi dispatch software should effortlessly redirect incoming requests to the next available driver in the nearby area. 

  • RazorSync dispatch management software uses GPS tracking to help your drivers know which routes are the fastest to pick up your customers on time and without delay. It also allows your dispatch team to find the closest driver when a new request comes in. 

Customer Feedback

In addition to allowing your customers to create personalized portals to request rides, pay cab fares, and search their history, your software should also allow passengers to leave feedback about their recent experience to ensure they’re receiving the best service from your team! 

  • RazorSync offers a customized customer portal, where passengers can easily schedule pick ups, view invoices, make payments, and leave feedback—all from their smart devices. 

Admin Access

As a growing business on the move, it’s essential that your dispatch software help you categorize all incoming data to help you manage your finances, identify inconsistencies or areas for improvement, and help grant you access to driver location and customer information in real time. 

  • RazorSync dispatch management software integrates with your Quickbooks account to save you time and energy on daily task work, payroll processing, monthly forecasting, and more! 

Launch Your Taxi Dispatch System with RazorSync

Rather than cruise around in search of a professional taxi dispatch system, get ready to streamline your business with RazorSync. Our advanced field service software tool will provide you with a suite of advanced capabilities to help support your drivers, connect your customers, and surpass the competition. 

To learn more, schedule a free live demo with RazorSync today!

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