How Analytics and Reporting Drive Improved Service Business Performance

With tools like advanced reporting and analytics, field services businesses can have access to more data about the performance of their technicians, vehicles, serviced equipment and overall business operations than ever before. From technician efficiency and first-time fix rates to parts usage and billing, a field service automation solution like RazorSync can provide unmatched insight

What you may not realize is that your fleet is constantly generating data that you can leverage to improve your business–data on fuel consumption, productivity, response times, and vehicle utilization. Service organizations face a number of data challenges throughout their day-to-day operations, but with analytics and advanced reporting, you can better utilize your data to improve visibility into your service operation and drive performance to a new level. This blog will explore ways to tap into the power of analytics and reporting when it comes to your service business.

Without the Right Tools, More Data Captured Doesn’t Lead to More Insight

While the amount of data captured by service organizations has skyrocketed in recent years, many companies are finding it challenging to transform data into insight. As an executive, it’s important to have a real-time 360 degree view of your organization’s performance so you can get the most out of resources across the entire company.

Overcoming the struggle to meet ongoing and emerging demand means making informed decisions, but you need information to be displayed in way that tells a story about business performance on a company-wide level, at the technician level and at the customer level to be able to do that effectively. According to a recent study conducted by Aberdeen Group, field service organizations that adopted analytics technology saw service profits increase by 18%, customer retention rates increase by 42% and service level agreement performance improve by 44%.

Having the Right Analytics Tools Can Make  a Big Difference in Service Performance

With advanced analytics and big data capabilities, service organizations can better identify, understand, diagnose and resolve service issues more rapidly. So much of enterprise data is trapped in silos, but RazorSync can help you extract data and put it to practical use. According to the Aberdeen report, only 20% of companies integrate data across the enterprise in a way that would enable useful analysis. When you treat data like a supply chain, it can flow to each relevant operations center within your enterprise.

As mentioned above, the true value in data comes from both its relevancy and accessibility. When information is siloed in one department, or paper forms hoarded by individual employees, or trapped and inaccessible because it’s located inside complex databases or traditional spreadsheets, then your service organization may be missing out on a key opportunity to improve business. Data can connect and bring your organization together like never before and help technicians to communicate more effectively with both each other and the back office. Without data and accurate up-to-date information, your technicians are far more isolated than they need to be and may lack insight into specific customer issues, equipment performance and other information that could help them deliver better service faster.

How RazorSync Takes Advanced Reporting and Analytics A Step Further

RazorSync’s advanced reporting can help you achieve maximum ROI when it comes to your service business. With RazorSync’s robust analytics capabilities you can create customized reports specific to your needs or access predefined reports related to customer management, scheduling, financials, inventory, payroll and employee management. Below, I’ll go into greater detail to show you how RazorSync’s reporting capabilities improve visibility into and control over each of these critical business areas.

Customer Management and Employee Management

You can use RazorSync to access individual customer records or generate lists organized by customized features you choose, such as pricing tier, recurring services, zone, type of service, technician assigned and more recently active.

Along with customers, you can also use RazorSync to manage your employees. You can see service time billed by worker, the capacity of each employee, and allow workers to access and update detailed time card reports.

Financial Information

Improve the way you manage your financials with real-time access to lists of open receivables, balances owed, sales by user, customer payouts in a pre-determined date-range, and invoiced work orders.


Optimizing your scheduling can boost efficiency in a number of different ways. RazorSync allows your to filter work order by schedule date or creation data, type of service, the level of technician or equipment needed for the job, and even customer type. You can also pull up a comparative summary that shows the current week and the previous week side-by-side.


You can stay ahead of the curve by implementing predictive parts ordering based on service item reports within a specific period or related to a particular technician. Additionally, you can see work orders in relation to specific service items. In some cases, technicians may need to communicate small tidbits of information to coworkers, management or the back office. RazorSync allows you to add and pull up the latest notes sorted by date, user, customer or service request.

Experience RazorSync Firsthand

If you’d like to try RazorSync for yourself, we invite you to take part in a free trial so you can see what it can do for your business. One of our clientsattributes $240,000 a year in sales and $40,000 in profits to RazorSync. The owner now has the ability to run operations from the field and has gained deeper visibility into his business.

Another client was able to increase billings and revenue by nearly 10% by using RazorSync as a tool to tie the company’s entire workflow together. As a free-trial user, you also have access to tutorials and walkthroughs, as well as our staff to get answers to any questions you may have. With RazorSync, you can streamline your operation, improve customer satisfaction and manage your business from anywhere. You’ll make better informed business decisions faster than ever before with access to robust big data capabilities. Lastly, you don’t need an internet connection to use RazorSync, unlike most field service management software. Any changes or updates you make will simply update automatically once your internet connection is restored.

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